House additon
The house on the right located in Burnaby, was only one floor with about 1200 square feet. The client asked to add a second floor which added 900 sqaure feet and was complete in 3 months. The final result was an outstanding addition to the home and almost doubled the value of the home.
Kitchen Renovation
Have you got an outdated 70's style kitchen and you want to upgrade to something a little more modern? Are the appliances out of style and the kitchen is no longer functional. We can completely update you're kitchen to today’s standards and when done properly it can add 10 - 20 % to the resale value of your home.
New Deck / Add a Deck
Looking for a new deck or expanding an existing deck? This is one of our many specialty's, and using one of the new materials on the market like Timbertech products means it will never have to be painted, it will never rot and termites / bugs / rain will not ruin it meaning a long time of enjoyment for the deck.
Customer Feedback
Thank you! Colin knew exactly what material to use on the job and the workmanship was great ...

We look forward to working with you in on our next renovation...

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"Quality is Contagious"
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